Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hello everyone!
Today I wanted to share a little tutorial on how to repurpose the containers of candles. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I'm addicted to candles for my home, and my favorite seem to be the three wick candles from Bath and Body Works. I go through those all the time, and hate throwing the container away, because they are so pretty, and I know they could be used for other things after I've burnt through the candles. I have to be honest, and tell you I don't repurpose all of mine, since I use many of these a year, and don't need a house full of glass containers lol. However, from time to time I do repurpose them, and here's a picture tutorial on what I do to get them looking perfect, and ready for their new way of use.
1. Take your burnt candle holder container, and remove all the stickers you can take off the glass. Put the container in your freezer for about twenty minutes. The cold temperature will make the leftover wax shrink and firm up.
2. Take the container out of the freezer, and gently with a knife, break the wax and take it all out, as well as the three metal wick holders in the bottom of the container.
3. With a nice sponge, wash out the container, and get rid of any stickiness  you have left in the bottom, or side of the jar. If you have issues removing the adhesive of the stickers, just spray the glass with Goo Gone, and it will come totally clean. Rinse well.
4. Let air dry, and that's it! Your container is ready to be repurposed.
5. I use my clean containers to hold small things, such as lipsticks, lip gloss as you see in the picture, candy, even nail polish! You can definitely embellish (or not) your container if you like, and use it in your craft area too. The possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoyed this quick and simple tutorial. A different post from my usual paper crafting posts. I hope it is useful to you.
Thanks for stopping by!

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