Monday, December 12, 2011

A box and a Layout

Yes, I'm alive!
I've been very busy lately, and totally MIA from here, but I guess everyone is kind of crazy busy around the holidays, right? You probably didn't even miss me. Ha!
Well let me tell you, I have been Christmas shopping, and I'm kind of stressing out now, because I'm still not done, and usually by this time I've had everything I needed and mostly all wrapped too...I guess I'm leaving everything for the last minute this year, yikes! Totally dreading walking in the stores, that's for sure! 
I did start decorating my house, and the inside is completely done, except for my Christmas tree which I haven't even purchased. Can you believe that? I keep putting it off (I'm getting a small tree this year because Emily will knock it down for sure if I get a giant one like last year LOL)...hopefully this week I get on that because if not, we'll have to put our gifts under the stockings hahaha, or "shoes" like Emily calls them. She is totally into all the decorations, and the lights outside everyone's houses...It is so cute how she says "wights, wights, wow!"(for lights, lights, wow!). Ah, to be a kid again!
Anyways, I took some time today to start showing you some of the projects I created with the December Paper Niche Kit. It is gorgeous!!!! 
First, here's a cute box I made using a Big Shot Pro die, my friend Yeya allowed me to use. I just love how cute it is. Great to put some small gifts in, and even jewelry, or backed goods.
This next one is one of the layouts I made. I punched out some circles to make them look like ornaments, hanging from velvet ribbon.
I have a few more projects to share, but so many things to complete. Can you believe I haven't even addressed my Christmas cards yet? I am SO behind this year! Not to mention, I have projects I need to work on, and have no mojo what so ever! Crossing my fingers so this week is a nice "creative one" for me. Hope for you too!


  1. I can't believe Sharon had lost her MOJO? I am sure you will get it back soon. I also can' believe you have not put up a tree. I could understand with kids it is overwhelming.
    Love your layout. The velvet ribbon is super nice and great idea with the circles to create ornaments.
    Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. Loving your box, its gorgeous, so is that layout. Actually all your layouts are my fav. LOL I know what you mean about the decoration and the putting up the tree. I go with the flow, for some reason this year I felt like doing it. You do know your Emily will love anything you do for her.

  3. Beautiful projects. The page and layout is really stunning. Lee xx

  4. Hi, I'm leaving a post about the giveaway you made a YouTube video for. for CHA I would love to see some unique flower making ideas especially using the products from LSG. You are amazing! So many projects, and I can only imagine the ideas running around in your head for projects to come. I am particularly fond of your overall style, no matter what you are creating! I like to think outside the box and you inspire me to do some things that I've wanted to do, but have been afraid that I would not like my finished projects. Time to push through that fear and let go of "perfection" and just enjoy the process! Watching you has helped me take a few little steps in the right direction! Thank you for all the time you put into sharing! The work alone is time-consuming even though enjoyable, but to add sharing it via YouTube and a blog is a whole job in itself! But, it is so appreciated!! Thanks again for everything!! God Bless you and your family!


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