Monday, August 19, 2013

Konad M95 Review

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If you know me, you know I love stamping, and when talking about nails, it is not out of the question. Such fun, and intricate designs can be attainable by just doing a little stamping on your nails. It's quick, and much easier than you might imagine.
I always love experimenting with my nails, so when I saw this plate, I knew I had to try it. Can you guess why? Well, of course, it has an owl on it!!!
So this is what the new Konad M95 Plate looks like: 
 I love the fact that the full nail designs are much bigger than the older Konad plates I own. I've paired the new plate with one of my old ones (Konad M51), so you can see the difference in the size of the design. I was super happy to see the bigger size on the new plate, because that means I won't have to worry when stamping, about the design not covering my entire nail. That is a BIG relief, because you don't want to know how many times I messed up a manicure because the design was too small for my nail. With this new plate, that is a problem of the past. Yay!
I started playing around with the designs and here are some of the shots I took.
For this first picture I used L'oreal's Haute Couture Red, and for the stamping Essie's Good as Gold. I have discovered that I don't always need to use special polish to stamp my nails. Metallic polishes seem to work really well too.
On this next picture I'm wearing Essie's Naughty Nautical which I stamped over with Konad's White special polish.
At this point I couldn't stop playing, so to that, I added Essie's Penny Talk for the design of the other nails.
 Here's a closer look to that other design on the plate using Penny Talk by Essie.
In this next one I used Essie's East Hampton Cottage, and Sally hansen Instadri in Pronto Purple.
I will continue trying the rest of the designs, and I'm very happy with the nail plate. If you are not an accurate nail stamper like me, these designs are perfect because you can get away with not having to stamp perfectly every time, and the designs don't end up looking crooked, or misplaced. Maybe the design with the lace print in the middle might be the most difficult to stamp, considering you might want to keep the design from looking slanted, but pretty much all the designs I tried were pretty fool proof.
One thing I will say however, is that you need to be careful when wipping your plate before tranfering the design to your stamping tool.  You don't want to remove a lot of the polish from the solid parts of the designs. I found this to be a little bit of an issue with the more solid designs on the plate, specially with the multiple hearts design. I found that I needed to be extra caredul just to get get an even looking stamped image. Overall, I think this is a super fun plate, with great designs. The possibilities with it are endless. I could layer that owl anywhere I tell ya'!
I have a tip for you too! My friends over at are holding a Nail Art Giveaway! The prize is for all 5 of the new Konad plates that have recently been released, and guess what? (Free shipping IS INCLUDED!
If you are interested in entering for a chance to win you can enter here:
Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today, I hope you enjoyed my nail stamping post for today, and I encourage you to try some nail stamping. It's so fun!

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