Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Tags with LSG

I don't know about you, but it seems like lately, everyone seems to be freezing all over the U.S., even here in Florida! We've been experiencing several cold fronts that have definitely made me rethink wether we are in Florida, or in some northern state! LOL It has been COLD! We really are not used to this kind of weather down here, so it's been quite an ordeal, specially for farmers, who seem to be the most affected in these situations, loosing tons of their farmed goods due to freezing temperatures. Lots of money lost, that's for sure.

I made these winter tags to attach to some presents, using tons of Lindy's Stamp Gang products, I love the distressed look and shimmer I got.  Here are some close up shots....
I used clear embossing powder yo stamp the snowflakes on this one, some Vintage Photo Distress Ink, and on top a layer of Cactus Gold Glitz Spritz. LOVED the "clean" but distressed look of these tags!
The angel in the middle I colored using Grab a Guy Gold Starburst Spray, and for the snow flake I painted the largest one with white acrylic paint, then sprayed it with Cactus Gold Glitz Spritz. For the smaller snow flake, I used a glitter acrylic paint from my local craft store and painted the raw chipboard with it.
For this next tag I pretty much did the same thing, except of course I used different colors---Stormy Sky Distress ink on the base of the tag, topped it with Cactus Gold Glitz Spritz, and for the angel I used Afternoon Delight Denim Starburst Spray.
In this next one I used Forrest Moss Green Distress Ink, and on top I sprayed with my Cactus Gold Glitz Spritz. I colored the angel with my Green with Envy Green Starburst Spray, and for the smaller snowflake instead of glitter  paint, I used some Diamond dust, which you can find at your local craft store.
 For this last tag you see I switched things around a bit, and embossed the snowflakes using Lindy's Stamp Gang Embossing Powder in the color Kaiser Rudolph Russet, and sprayed the white medium chipboard with my Cactus Gold Glitz Spritz.
This is a simple way of getting a lot of tags out using your Lindy's produtcs. You can watch a video with details of these tags HERE. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. Have a great week!


  1. beautiful tags, lovely decorated...

  2. Oh dear, Im so sorry to hear about the awful cold weather you are having Sharon. Last Christmas we had the worst winter in 30 years! Im in Northern Ireland so we never really have great weather even in the summer, but surprisingly and to everyones surprise we have had a very mild winter. But then it maybe just feels mild compared to last years weather.....its still bloomin' freezing, lol. Love all these tags, they are beautiful. Lee x


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