Thursday, January 12, 2012

Perfect Timming

It is not often that I get to have a good picture (or video for that matter) of me and my Emily....I seem to not have very good luck having other people take our pictures, though my husband makes a good effort every once in a while lol. On this layout, I featured one of my favorite picture of her and I, and it was all a matter of perfect timming. Due to the picture's gorgeousness (is that even a word? lol), I almost could not believe that my husband took it (if you ever read this, sorry babe lol). It is just rare that perfection in a picture like this can be achieved around my house, even by picky me, considering how much my little munchkin moves. It's a miracle I get some decent pictures of her now a days, when she seems to move faster than a speeding bullet 24/7!

Anyways, I have to give credit to whom it's due, and yes, my husband took this picture (thank you honey),  and I love it. It speaks much more and louder than what any words could express... love above all measures all the way around. I am truly very thankful that at least one picture in my arsenal captures it all, and honestly hope there are many more like this to come in the future, so they can tell our story.
I used the Paper Niche's January Design Kit to make this layout,  and I did edit the picture's colors and overall look to match what I was looking to create. I do that from time to time, and have really become fond of my iphoto quick editing program, and also the Instagram Application on my phone.
I love what  this layout portrays, and how it came out. I would not have it any other way.
In other news, I can happily say, I'm the proud mommy of a loving and smart two year old (time sure does fly!). She just turned two, and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. More projects to come!
This picture is my submission to Embrace the Camera for today.... 


  1. What a beautiful layout,,,,and the pic ,,well thats just precious !!!! Great job

  2. Hey Sharon. I saw your 4 layouts at the paper niche on friday night and they are gorgeous. This layout is really nice in pictures, but in person it is even prettier. Your work is definitely beautiful.
    Happy thursday.

  3. Your layout is so beautiful, Sharon. That picture really shows the total love you and your daughter share. I wish I had a picture like that with each of my kids but my husband was and is not into taking pictures.
    What a beautiful way to treasure this moment.

  4. Hey Sharon , this is truely beautiful and I see that you're adding more and more artistic touches to your layouts. I am def. lifting this idea since I love it so much. Oh and I forgot to mention , the picture itself is priceless :)


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