Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm a winner and so are you!

A very sweet lady named Damaris V. from gave me this blog award and now I get to pay it forward to those of you who I follow and inspire me.

The Libster Blog award is given to bring new blogs to light. It's a great way to share blogs that might not otherwise be seen,

As a recipient you must share the love and pay it forward by:
1. Creating a post where you blog about the Liebster award & reveal your 3-5 blog picks.
2. Let them know you chose them.
3. Copy & paste the blog award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will rally & show their crafty love back out to those you awarded.
5. Have fun!

My 5 sweet picks are:
1. Carolanne
2. Dayami
3. Kirsten
4. Marlene
5. Stephanie

Thanks everybody for stopping by, and stay tuned for more soon.
P.S. My baby is still very sick. Hoping for better news soon.
Hugs to all!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Any day now...

I'll have some time to dedicate to post a blog over here. I keep doing so many other things, I just have distracted myself away from it for a while. At the moment, my sick baby is sitting on my lap eating cheerios, coughing up a storm, because the flu has attacked her. Hopefully soon, that will be gone as well, and we'll be clapping to Sesame Street songs. Did I tell you how much I like Sesame Street? (I think I like it more than her LOL). I still remember the songs I used to sing and watch back when I was a little girl...ahhh memories...
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