Friday, April 1, 2011

Woot woot!

I had a ton of fun creating my own chipboard charms...a first for me, but I think they turned out gorgeous, and those Primas in the front cover are probably my favorite of all time!I love making minis inside mini albums and this time I put in a few here and there...

Three posts in one week. Yippie! I'm on a roll! Hopefully I can keep up with myself! LOL
I have been quite busy getting stuff updated everywhere, answering emails, replying to comments, getting into trouble-----hehehe, I have definitely been neglecting the house this week LOL, (I'm I the only one that hates house work?)... It's definitely like another job when you think about it...but a fun job, because getting to know each and every one of you is super fun for me....if only YT would upload my videos faster, we would be all set! LOL

Anyways, today I bring you my finished Baby Mini album. It was quite a task to finish considering I got stuck right smack in the middle of it, and had no idea what to do to finish it off...but sooner than I expected I got my mind to it, and I got the job done (any other project I would have put away and maybe never finished----I have 3 minis that way, stuck in a box, waiting to be completed). Here are some sneak shots of the mini album.
I really love all the colors I used in this mini, and after all the time and energy it took for me to get it done, I think it turned out pretty cute. As always, I did not post pictures of all pages and details here, but I invite you to check out my You Tube Channel (smscrapper) for the complete video with details of it. I discussed all products and techniques used. If you'd like, subscribe to my channel and know immediately when I've posted a new video, this way you won't miss any by mistake.

I have some exciting news to share with you next week (I'm so excited!), so don't forget to drop on by. Remember to please follow my blog (click on the link at the top right corner of this post where it says Follow) to be the first to know when I make a new blog post. I'd love to hear any comments you might have regarding this project, and thanks again for stopping by.
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Beautiful album!!! Thanks for sharing :) I've been trying to get started with a mini album to keep track of my pregnancy but no luck finding time!!!

  2. Sharon, this is absolutely stunning!!! Your work is amazing, girl!!!
    Love it all always :)
    Hugs :)
    ME ;)

  3. Thanks girls, you are both always so sweet!


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