Monday, August 10, 2015

Embossed Webbing Technique

So, it's been quite a while since I shared any type of tutorial with you. As you know, life has taken over, and I've kind of been separated from my supplies for many months now. It's been tough, but I've been wanting to be a little more aggressive, and make some time, when I can, to do a few things, maybe as a way to get back into the "craft every week" kind of days...things have certainly changed around my house, and my life (all good things though), and I find myself with less and less time to dedicate to actually know me, I'm a slow crafter, so a project that could probably take an hour for one person, will probably end up taking four for me, and that makes the whole "getting  a project completed" pretty darn difficult at this time.

Today, I finally come to share a tutorial with you, of a technique I hope you enjoy trying out. The effect and background you can create with it are really cool, and though it might look a bit intimidating at first, it's quite simple to do.
Take a look at the steps I took to create it, and check out the results. I hope you are inspired to try it out! Let me know in the comments what you think, and any questions you might have. I'll be glad to help. Enjoy the tutorial!

Step 1
Get a piece of white cardstock, and cover it entirely in Versamark Ink

Step 2
Grab a few Lindy’s Stamp Gang Magicals, and a small dry fluffy brush, ( I used Chateau Rose, Cosmopolitan Pink, A Bit o’ Bubbly, and Mercy Beaucoup Mint), and dab the brush in the Magicals to pick up color.

Step 3
Spread each Magical color randomly all over the white cardstock covered in the Versamark Ink. Do one color at a time to avoid mixing the powders in the jars when switching colors with the brush.

Step 4
Get a piece of fusible webbing (you can find it at your local craft stores in the quilting section), and lay it on top of the background you have created with the Magicals.

Step 5
Take some different colors of embossing powders (I used Raspberry Lemonade, Geranium Coral Blush, Café au Lait, and Weeping Willow Green Gold), and spread a little bit of each one, randomly on top of the fusible webbing. Handle with care to avoid adding too much powder, or getting powder all over your workspace.

Step 6
Carefully lift the cardstock, and using your heat tool, heat your cardstock from underneath to melt the powder, and fusible webbing. Take care to move the heat tool frequently, and do not leave it aimed at one place for too long, to avoid burning the cardstock, or overheating the embossing powder, and fusible webbing.

Step 7
Once all embossing powder has melted, you can take the heat tool, and heat from the top of the cardstock, moving the tool frequently to allow the webbing to curl, and web, creating the effect shown. The Magicals in the background will show through the random spots of the cardstock where little to no webbing stuck.

Step 8
Add your textured background to the project you are working on, and embellish, as you like.

That's what my finished project looked like, after adding my photo, and embellishments. Hope you try this technique out. The texture is super interesting in real life, and the possibility of color combinations is limitless with all of the Lindy's repertoire. Until next time!

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