Monday, March 23, 2015


Hello everyone! I'm back!
I want to first start by thanking everyone for all the comments, Facebook messages, and  e-mails in response to my last post. I really appreciate all your support, and all you shared with me in your messages. From many, I also got questions, and I'm going to address one here today.
It seems like many have gone through what I'm going through at the moment, but considering how hard the whole process is, many have just given up, and not really known how to start the whole de-cluterring of craft supplies, as letting go of stuff we once loved so much, seems to be such a hard thing to do.
Well, let me introduce you to something that I think really helped me start, and follow through with my current de-cluterring/organizing process in my craft room. I randomly picked up this book a few weeks back, curious to see what perspective the book would give me. I'm an organized person as is, but I just couldn't figure out what to do to help my craft room/office be what I wanted it to be. Maybe, this book would give me some insight on something I'd never done before? I didn't hesitate, and ordered it. Got it the next day, and started reading right away.
I read the whole book pretty quickly, and got really intrigued by what the author's method of "tidying up" was... I definitely recommend the book. Some things seem quite extreme, but in my opinion a lot of things do make sense, and have really helped me in my process of choosing what tot get rid of, and what to keep, while at the same time feeling happy with the whole process. I don't want to elaborate too much on it, as reading the book in it's entirety will give you a better idea of how everything works.
I'm no way near done with what I want to accomplish in my workspace (I'm so picky it's insane!), but I can honestly say, lots has been done, and so far I have no regrets!
So, to answer the questions: How do you get started? How do you approach it? How do you decide what to keep, how to organize? Read this book. It will definitely help you rationalize, and facilitate the process. It sure helped me. 
Have a great week!

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