Monday, March 24, 2014

Just for today...ummm maybe, may be not...

So hello there!
I've gotten quite good at the disappearing act, haven't I? I'm so sorry, but if you follow me on any of my social media(see all links on the top right of this site if you are interested in following me), you might have a better grasp at what's going on in my world.
It's been quite the challenge, ever since I moved, to get back in the groove of things. Sometimes I feel like I'm almost there, and then bam, something else happens that stops me from doing what I want to do.
There have been a ton of changes in the last four or five months of my life, and well, my creativity and my time to create has suffered a lot from it. I'm sure all you guys that follow me here, or on my YouTube Channel have noticed.
I't's been quite the adventure to get my craft room into working order. I've revealed little snippets of it on my Instagram account (see link on the top right of this page), yet I'm not happy at all with how it's coming out. For a slight second I was, and then all of a sudden I hated it all......... So much so, that I'm thinking of getting the things out of the room and starting over again! Sounds crazy huh? But things are just not working, and not looking how I want them too, so I'm headed to Ikea once again to try to figure something out LOL. Yes, like my husband says, I have a particular way of wanting to store certain things, and well, I might be a little obsessive on placement, balance and look...hahaha as I type this I can't stop laughing because I agree with him. There are some things that are just silly that get me all bent out of shape, and block me form functioning efficiently. Sad, but true. Good thing is, eventually I find my way, and all goes back to normal.
It's not usual of me to get all personal on here, but I had some time to write, and yes, I do have some particularities too myself that make me who I am......I just can't get over how difficult all this change has been for me in the last few months. I find myself obsessing over little things that never used to matter, and I see the perfectionist in me trying so hard to make things just how I want. It's all been reflecting on this new craft room redo.....Thank God for may loving and patient husband. He loves me so, and just keeps saying, do what makes you happy, I'll support you. Gotta love him!

Anyways, things have not been easy for me, yet I have lots of plans, lots of things I want to do. I want to thank all of you that have hung in there, and my growing list of subscribers, whom even though I've not made as many videos, keep watching, keep commenting, and keep encouraging me everyday.
I kind of like writing just because....I might just do that a little bit more often. Hope you don't mind.
Until next time friends!

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  1. Moving and adapting to your new home produces a lot of stress on your part, so I'm pretty sure your readers, just like myself, would understand. And your apparent "obsession" in organizing is certainly justifiable if your end goal would be to make things efficient, and be beautiful to look at too! I hope you'll find peace in whatever decision you'll make in the future... and of course, a bit of r-and-r would definitely help.

    Dave @


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