Thursday, March 14, 2013

For the love of polish #1

Hello Everyone!
Today, I have a totally different post than I usually do. Today I have a nail polish design post!
Yes, just like with paper crafting, I also have a love of playing with my nails and nail-polish. I have started sharing in the past few weeks on my Instagram account, most times I change my nail-polish, and just yesterday thought it would be fun to share what I do from time to time, on here as well. I hope you all enjoy.
This particular nail design was inspired by something I saw in New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this year. I made it my own, made a few changes, and I love how it came out. It's my first time trying something like this (the straight lines floating on the main polish color), and the way I decided to go about it was quite time consuming , but for the first try, I think it turned out quite well. It's not quite as perfect as I'd like it, but it does the job. Ha!
I don't know about you, but I'm addicted to nail polish. I've been doing my nails ever since High School, and after taking a LONG hiatus from doing my nails after getting pregnant (almost dying), and having my baby girl, I'm getting back to being excited about having my nails done most of the time.
I hope you enjoy these types of posts here and there, and for more snippets of my everyday, be sure to follow me on Instagram HERE. It's set to private, but ask to follow me and I'll give you access :)
Thanks so much for stopping by. All the information about the polish colors I used are in the picture. Have a great day!


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