Monday, October 29, 2012

A Shabby Album

It's been a long time coming, and I finally got the chance to upload the pictures of this project to share with you! I worked on and off on this album for quite a while, and even though it's a simple album, for some reason it took me forever to get motivated to finish it.
I used the Portrait Accucut Die for the base of the album, which is chipboard, and which I cut in half to make the portrait shape into actual pages for the album. Since I'm on a "paper diet" (which I broke a few days ago, but I'm currently back on it lol), I told myself I needed to start using all the gorgeous designer paper that I keep piling up. What I'm about to say is kind of silly, but honestly, some collections I just have a hard time cutting into lol. For instance, I've been wanting to do some stuff with Graphic45's last year's springs collection, yet every time I think I might sit down and start the project, I put everything away because everything is so beautiful I don't want to cut it lol! Isn't that just CRAZY?! Seems pretty crazy to me, but little by little I'm pushing myself to use all my gorgeous paper lol. One that's particularly hard to get into, is my all time favorite Lost and Found by My Mind's Eye, the Sunshine Collection. Ugh! I LOVE that entire line, but that particular collection just drove me crazy and I bought everything of it, both the 6 by 6 and 12 by 12 papers too. I have stuff in mind for it's only a matter of cutting them up and starting already lol.

Anyways, back to this album. I used one of my hoarded collections by The Girls Paperie. So sad they closed down, because their designs were pretty neat. I also used some of my leftover paper from K & Co.'s Watercolor Bouquet Collection, because some of the colors went well with The Girls Paperie stuff. I made a detailed video of this project which you can watch at the end of this post if you are interested in seeing all the details, but here are a few pictures so you can get a glimpse of some of what can be found inside.

Here's the video for you:
The goal with this album was to have a place to hold a bunch of pictures of my Emily's second year of life. I can't believe how fast time flies, and sure enough she'll be turning three pretty soon! I hope you enjoyed this project, and stay tuned, because I'm determined to get into my paper stash, and I think The Sunshine Collection by My Minds Eye is my next target!
Hope you are having a good week, and if your town is on Hurricaine Sandy's Path, know that you are in my prayers. It wasn't even a direct hit in my area, and still the beaches around here have been completely wiped out... stores are closed, and the storm's consequences aren't done yet with this area. I can't imagine everyone that's getting directly hit with that awful storm. Be safe and take care!

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  1. A very lovely book ... love all the materials and the softness ... I like


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