Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Three Generations- Embracing imperfection!

It's Wednesday today, and I wanted to share another one of the layouts I created with The Paper Niche's June Design kit. For this one, I tried something totally different from what I'm usually used to doing, and I have to confess, I'm not sure I like it, nor love it, like I do most of the things I create.... As I'm typing here, I'm trying to convince myself it's ok, and it's not too messy hahaha.... I was going for an "old, vintage, distressed" the kind of page you find in one of your super old albums from back in the day when you had no clue about a "acid free" and "specialty" cardstock....I thought adding the FabScrap distressed paper in the back would definitely evoke that feeling...the picture I used was the reasoning for all this as it looked faded and old...... I did however want to bring out some of the color in the picture, which is the reason of all the red on this layout...and that's where I went all WRONG! lol
As I'm looking at the picture of the layout right now as I type, I think I might have done without the middle red kind of stands out way too much and just adds anther pattern repetition (circles) that competes way too much for my taste with my chicken wire sponged's just not vintage looking.....I might just rip it off completely....I'm not sure just yet....hahaha the things you realize after you take some pictures, huh? 
I want to post it as is, because like Tim Holtz says, it's good to embrace imperfection sometimes...and also, it's good to share that not everything ends up turning out as perfect as you want it to on your first try.  
I get a lot of emails from people asking for advice, for ideas, and recommendations, and also explaining how frustrated they get when their projects don't turn out the way they hoped for. This post is my way of sharing how it happens to me too sometimes, and is my way of saying: YOU are NOT alone :)
I used several of my Lindy's Stamp Gang products to alter the chipboard flourishes that I included on the layout. I love spraying Starburst Stains and adding shimmery embossing powders to change the look of the chipboard elements I use on my layouts. Love all the texture.
There is tons of distressing, layering, and color, as well as detail I did using my white paint pen on this layout. For the white chicken wire sponged background I used a stencil included in the kit.
I hope you enjoyed today's post...It might not be my favorite layout, but I'm so happy I got to share my experience, and thought process behind it. Just like Tim, I'm embracing my imperfections!
Before the end of the week I'll have another masculine (and totally cool layout I must say---I really LOVE how that one came out, and can't wait to show you!). Until then!


  1. Hi Sharon, I love the layout and old photo is so beautiful, I have a few of those very old types of pics before the magic of digital cameras took over. I also agree with you on the red border, My opinion is it is to modern for the vintage look. But don't change a thing this is your idea of what vintage is so what ever I say really doesn't matter. I'm always doing stuff I don't feel look right. My problem is i don't know most of the time how to make it look right and my ideas are always so different from every one else. But you always do beautiful art and I have seen your work. Hugs always!

  2. Thank you! You are definitely right. I wish I would have looked harder before I glued that silly border on lol. But, hey, it's only paper, right? Hahaha. It's good to be different, you know? As long as you love what you do that's all the matters. Just because someone has a different style, does not mean that it's wrong or not pretty. It just means it's different, after all it's art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, really. Thanks so much for your sweet comment :) I appreciate it :)

  3. I love Sharon that you can have enough courage to show and display your work for all to see even if you aren't totally happen with it. I haven't gotten to that point yet I feel I need to only share the layouts and cards that I am totally thrilled with. I agree with you about the red border but I really do love all the other elements and glad you shared it with us.

    1. Hi Marla! I almost didn't share it, but I thought, what's the fun in that? I like to be as real as possible with everything, and well, I'm not perfect, nor everything I create I love all the time. I hope people can appreciate the reason why I shared and don't criticize...but then again, some people, well, will criticize anyway lol. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Specially on this one. I really appreciate it :) Hope you have a great weekend!


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