Sunday, November 13, 2011

Super Simple Series

Ever since I created the simple Christmas layout of my daughter (you can look at the previous post if you missed it), I've been thinking about the forgotten beauty of simple projects. We are so into so many different mediums, and materials (which are SUPER FUN to incorporate into our projects), that we sometimes get a bit caught up in the fact that if we don't "add this or that", the project might not be as pretty as it could be. We forget that, what really makes a project stunning, is the use of color and design, no extras needed. Now, don't get me wrong, very elaborated projects are also stunning, and I love them. They are just a bit more time consuming.
So, after giving it some thought, I've decided to start a little series of posts dedicated to only super simple projects... things that will be super simple to recreate, mass produce etc. (NOT that my projects are super elaborated, or complicated----that's just NOT my style--------, but these will be EXTRA clean and simple). There won't be any specific days to these project posts...they will happen as they happen. You'll know I've got one by the title of the blog post, i.e. Super Simple Sunday, if the post lands on a Sunday, Super Simple Wednesday, if the post lands on a Wednesday etc. 
The cool thing will be, that from time to time I'll host a Super Simple Challenge and give out prices. How cool is that?
Well, now you know what I will be up to, so stay tuned for the future challenges. It will be worth your while to participate.
To start off, I want to share this Super Simple card I made for a friend's birthday. This card was a quick one to create, because the only time consuming thing was the coloring of the hair, and paper piecing of the image, but I had done that previously for a different project, and in the end I'd decided not to use the image. That is a cool tip for super simple projects: have colored images and/or other embellishments done before hand. It saves you a lot of time!
This card could have definitely been taken up a notch by switching, and/or adding some things around, but  it's clean and simple just as is, and that's how I used it.
I used a gold Atyou Spica pen for the hair bow and necklace, and I also added some gold pearls for the earings and neckalace. I put a chipboard frame on the image that I cut using the Baroque die and it's coordinating movers and shapers die from the Tim Holtz Alterations line.
I used some flowers from my stash and three extra gold pearls at the top for the final design element. Super simple, super clean, super fun! I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Thanks, Sharon, for the "super simple" inspiration (I need to follow this advice). You made a lovely card (her eyes are amazing... so cute) and not loaded up, so it costs an arm and a leg in postage. Looking forward to those challenges.

  2. Ok, I am looking forward to the challenges for sure. Not for the prize, but for the challenge. The card is simple but still has some type of dimension with the flowers you used.

  3. I love this card. Its very sweet and I love the colours. Lee x


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