Monday, August 1, 2011

Copic Adventures

Hi there everyone!
I'm back from a couple of days of being at the beach, and every member of my family (except my dog who stayed behind), looks like a lobster. Well, Emily looks more like a shrimp. She's too little to be a lobster lol. It was quite an exhausting trip for me, considering I did not sleep too well any of the nights we were gone because Miss Emily decided she wanted to stay up all night, and not sleep much the whole time we were gone. To sum it all up, I need a vacation from my vacation lol.
Today I bring you a little video tutorial on Copic coloring. Just in time for the price increase on those suckers lol. If you ask me, I thought they were expensive enough... I guess the manufacturer doesn't feel the same way that I do hahaha. Anyways, I love them so much and I'm still learning, but I consider that I've come a long way. My hair coloring has definitely improved a bunch and I finally managed to get a good color combo for tanned skin too. I hope you enjoy!

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