Friday, July 15, 2011

Holy toledo!

Have you seen the previews of all the new stuff coming out at CHA??? I've been trying not to look and focus on working on things over here, but it's been quite difficult. I just had to take a peak... 
Look at this yumminess from Webster's Pages...

And these fabulous flowers and collections from Prima Marketing. WARNING: you might drool a little bit after looking at these LOL

I am loving all the teal that I'm seeing in many of the new releases...this in particular...
 It's like everything is calling my name!
Can you say fabulous? Just wanted to share a few of the things I'm liking so far...I'll post more as I keep falling in love LOL. Hope you have a nice weekend!


  1. I like a lot of the new stuff but the Webster pages stuff is really bright this year, you'd think that, this would of been more of their spring line. For the most part I'm loving it...esp. the Tim Holtz stuff, I'm still trying to get all of his stuff from the last TFS.

  2. I know Chrissy! I'm trying to get stuff from last release still LOL I want it all! I like the bright Websters Pages. It's a change from their previous stuff, and a reminder of spring, for sure!


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