Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pregnancy Mini

I shared this mini with my YouTube buddies, but I don't think I ever shared some pictures of it here on my blog. Oh, and now that I say pictures, I wanted to say something. Posts on this blog will ALWAYS have lots and lots of pictures. I hope you don't mind. I'm a self-declared "mama-razzi" and pictures are my thing. I love taking pictures, and when I share my projects, I really like to show lots of detail and angles...I guess it's because that's what I like looking at on other people blogs :)
Ok, so back to my pregnancy mini :)
I got some inspiration from the lovely Vanessa. She made THIS cute mini for our friend Damaris, and I just loved the colors and whole concept. So, I bought the papers, got the acrylic album and made it my own. It really doesn't look anything like what she did, but I guess you can tell I got the inspiration from her because I used the same circle acrylic album, and same paper collection :)
So thanks Vanessa for the inspiration girl. You rock :)
Here are some pictures of what I made (I didn't include pictures of all the pages---but you can see all the pages on the videos at the end of this post).
I hung a pink crystal charm and a key on the binding of the book, together with ribbons and fibers...
I did some techniques on all elements of the cover of the mini album...
The following are some of the inside pages...
To see the rest of the pages in the mini, and learn more about the techniques and products I used in the making of this mini album, please watch the videos below. Enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate all your comments!


  1. Great mini Sharon!!! What a special album!
    Do you know the name of the Etsy shop where you found the labels? I checked L Studios and no labels. :O( I love the size of those that you used in your book.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Jen
    The labels I used for my mini are from Elle Studio on Etsy.
    Hope that helps!

  3. Sharon this mini is adorable.

    I love all the pictures and angles :)

  4. Your mini is beautiful. Vanessa will be so happy to know she inspired you. She's on vacation but I'll let her know. I wish I was scrapbooking back than to document these memories too. Maybe I'll go back someday and recreate it.

  5. Sharon. Gracias por compartir estas memorias tan lindas con nosotras.
    Esta Precioso tu mini-albun, me encanto.


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